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The Natural Right to Well-Being

Since the dawn of time, man has used plants as a source of elements necessary for his well-being. Today’s world has forgotten this incredible potential that is so natural. Yet the resources available for research let us better understand, and especially, better master, the beneficial effects of plants and nutriments. Confident of this knowledge and its research results, the
Plantes & Nutriments laboratory has created Biotanica®, a range of all-natural solutions, which rigorously combine plant extracts, containing active properties, with nutriments such as vitamins and minerals.
Plantes & Nutriments specialises in the creation, manufacture, and marketing of nutritional supplements based on natural products.

Biotanica ® Products

The originality of Biotanica ® products is characterised by a concentrate of nutriments and patented plant extracts rich in active properties for natural, effective, constant action on symptoms and causes.

The current range of Biotanica ® products is sold exclusively in pharmacies and parapharmacies. It is intended for the following:
Menopausal balance FEMININE
Relaxation and calmness GINSEMAG
Daily vitality PRO ENERGY
Anti-ageing (fights free radicals) REGENERANCE
Urinary comfort URICALM
Circulatory comfort FORTIVEINE

Biotanica ® is a range of high-quality, plant- and nutriment-based products.
Biotanica ®  is a nutritional supplement, an herbal medicine.

The Plantes & Nutriments laboratory is established in Perigord, and is made up of a team of health professionals.

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).