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The Portes sud Périgord Community of Communes is a public entity for co-operation among municipalities, located in the Dordogne.
It brings together the towns of
: Bardou, Boisse, Conne de Labarde, Eymet, Faurilles, Faux, Flaugeac, Fonroque, Issigeac, Monmadalès, Monmarvès, Monmarvès, Monsaguel, Montaut, Plaisance Razac d'Eymet, Sadillac, Saint Aubin de Cadelech, Saint Aubin de Lanquais, Saint Capraise d'Eymet, Saint Cernin de Labarde, Sainte Eulalie d'Eymet, Sainte Innocence, Saint Julien d'Eymet, Saint Léon d’Issigeac, Saint Perdoux, Sainte Radegonde, Serres et Montguyard & Singleyrac


The community has 8783 inhabitants* on a surface area of 569.5 km
It belongs to the Greater Bergerac Area.



* Official population on January 1, 2017