Pays du Grand Bergeracois

In South-West Dordogne, Aquitaine, the Pays du Grand Bergeracois includes 155 communes with a combined population of 105 688 and covers over 2000km². Its historical and cultural identity is based on important elements which include Bergerac, the Bastides, the vineyards and the Dordogne River which plays a unifying role.

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Getting to Know the Bergerac Area

Understanding the Notion of a ‘Pays’, (a “Country”) as a United Entity

In a bid for efficiency and coherence, the elected representatives of the Bergerac area have chosen to organise their ‘territory’ in the form of a ‘pays’ (literally a ‘country’).
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Anice Paris, Painter
Rosario Marrero, Painter & Engraver
Philippe Bouvet, Artist Painter
Florence Boulanger, Upholsterer & Interior Designer



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