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 Travelling exhibition: “Craftspersons’ Bestiary”

The Greater Bergerac Area presents “Craftspersons’ Bestiary”.
This new travelling exhibition consists of some fifty works, created by artists and craftspersons of the Greater Bergerac Area crafts network. Following “L'Abécédaire, métiers d'art”.
It is intended to publicize these creators throughout the region, and to introduce the richness and diversity of arts and crafts to children and youth, among others.

50 artists and craftspersons of the Bergerac Region Craftspersons network have created an amazing bestiary for you, in the image of their know-how and creativity!

The artists and craftspersons who participated in the Exhibition
  Alcaraz Catherine, Artist painter, Handprints     Hausmann Jérémy, Painter on terra cotta tiles,
  Bauchart Béatrice, Sculptor, Soul skin     Héroux Marc, Photographer, The way back home
  Bossion Stéphanie, Artist painter, The ink of her eyes     Hourcq Patricia, Tile setter, Monkey
  Bouquillon Francis, Ceramist, The Lady of the Night     Jarry des Loges Michèle, Art jewellery, Metamorphosis
  Bourgeois Nadine, Sculptor     Kay Mike, Ceramic artist, Horsewoman
  Bourzeix Sophie, Ceramist, Cows in the Meadow     Keay Jane, Illustrator, The month of the blue moon
  Bouvet Philippe, Artist painter, Protected in its domain     King Liz, Artist painter, frescoes and trompe l'oeil, Megan
  Bresson Lucien, Art framer, Xylobestiaire     Labat Marité, Ceramist
  Bruneau Alain, Sculptor, Wild animal     Labat Michel, Artist painter
  Cadot Chris, Sculptor, The ivory horn     Lambrechts Daphnée, Creation in cardboard, Water light
  Candelier Gilles, Sculptor, Mimicry     Laporte Elma, Textile Art
  Clarke Jacqui, Painter and engraver, The Guivre     Marty Anne, Clay and Painting, The Dove
  Clémens Ellie, Artist painter, Untitled     Mazalrey Loic, Photographer, Zebra stripes
  De Torrente Françoise, Ceramist, Nonsense-Butterfly     Monbazet Dounyo, Art glass blower, Goose
  Duédal Marie Lise, Artist painter, Untitled     Moscardini François, Artist painter, Animal is poorly
  Dufayet Chantal, Artist painter, At the heart of the flower     Moszkowicz Myriam, Design jewellery, Favourite brooch
  Favre Jean-Claude, Ceramist, Pebble     Pichon-Varin Marie, Ceramist, Indian elephant
  Geoffray Delphine, Enamel jewellery, In the name of the difference     Pillebout Mirabelle, Modeller and statuary caster, Plonk
  Giuge Christophe, Sculptor     Planchon Christophe, Marquetry inlayer of art, Leopard's skin
  Graindorge Philippe, Photographer, Positive/negative     Prévot Richard, Artist painter, Dove
  Gomez Graciela, Artist painter, Salamandra     Reboux Catherine, Artist painter, Birds of passage
  Guédès Alexandre, Creative cabinetmaker, FROAK     Salvucci Daniel, Turner of art on wood and sculptor, Paul the octopus
  Gueunet Isa, Photographer visual artist, Malicious Dog?     Tauzia Jean-Pierre, Sculptor
  Guillot Frédéric et Cécile Vadel, Glassblowers, Mouse        



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