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 Pierre Larquetou & Élodie Le Berre, Coat Of Arms - Mosaics -Trompe L'œil


Pierre Larquetou: Born in October 1986. I used to be in the army before training as a tiler /mosaic-tiler in 2012 and converting to mosaics as an art form. I am also trained in sales.
Elodie le Berre : Born in May 1987. I have always been passionate about art and started painting pictures and frescos from a very young age. In 2007 I did a course in decorative techniques (backdrops; imitation wood, marble and stone, drapes, skies) and also a basic course in house painting.
In 2013, with a shared love of history and art and further to meeting a Breton heraldic artist who passed on his knowledge to them, Pierre began to sculpt coat of arms which Elodie paints. These can be family crests, the coat of arms of a town or municipality, a business logo… Elodie also paints heraldic parchments.
"We fell in love with the Dordogne because of its heritage and colours but we also saw great potential for us here professionally. Our meeting with the Pays du Grand Bergeracois played a key role in our decision".


As well as the decoration of floors (in mosaics or tiles) and walls (coverings and frescoes) which we undertake for private homes and businesses, we exhibit and sell our coats of arms through a variety of commercial outlets (shops, fairs and medieval festivals).


Pierre Larquetou & Élodie Le Berre,
Coat Of Arms - Mosaics -Trompe L'œil

Atelier boutique
Place centrale d’Eymet
2 bis rue du Loup
24500 Eymet
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6 26 62 45 40
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