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 Maryse Labattu, Sculptor


AutBorn in Mussidan in 1959, self-taught, I was 14 years old when I discovered clay and its infinite possibilities and a passion for sculpture was born. I had covered a lot of ground, doing many regional, national and international exhibitions and salons until in 2004, further to a meeting with a stonemason, I embarked upon a stonemasonry-ornamentalist course. I obtained my CAP certificate of professional competence and left my native Périgord to set up my new business in Provence.
For over ten years I created stone oeuvres and monumental sculptures for individual clients and worked for companies specialised in restoring historical monuments. However, I found it difficult to be so far from my beloved Périgord and eventually moved back in 2014 to set up my workshop in Villamblard.


I create classic and figurative works in clay or stone: decorations, interior and exterior stonework and funereal objects. I also restore sculptures and ornaments with all the respect due to their original creators and I am proud to contribute to our Architectural Heritage. Who are my clients? Individuals, municipalities, architects, stonemasonry companies and heritage renovation bodies.
I have participated in many regional exhibitions and salons and my work is on permanent exhibition at the gallery, "Thenon les Z'Arts' situated in Thenon, 24210 Dordogne.


From clay to stone was only a small step, each stone is a challenge and over time these two diametrically opposed materials have become my accomplices. Nature is my only guide and I have absolute faith in her; nature is never ugly and my ultimate aim is to remain ever faithful to her. I am passionate about sculpture and work carefully, sincerely and dedicatedly on myself to strengthen this sense of depth and be rewarded with the precious joy of working on projects, large or small without discrimination.


Maryse Labattu,
Sculptor, modeller, painter, stone-mason, ornamentalist

520 route de la Toupinerie
24 140 Villamblard
Tel. +33 (0)6 07 75 88 99
Email :
Website :

Workshop open by appointment




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