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 Rosario Marrero, Painter & Engraver


I was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic in 1964. After studying architecture (I qualified in 1989) and the visual arts (I qualified 1991), I settled in Spain where I participated in many exhibitions and architectural projects. I also undertook studies in history of art/urban architecture and obtained a Masters in 1993 while I was concurrently teaching drawing and applied arts.
Arriving in Paris in 1994, I continued to exhibit (in France, Spain, Italy, the Dominican Republic and Canada), to teach and to study (Master of Advanced Studies in the theory of architecture and the philosophy of art)!
I have lived in the Dordogne since 2014 and have opened my art and engraving studio there. I also teach Applied Arts at Bergerac's Lycée des Métiers Sud Périgord Hélène Duc.


Concerned with the transmission knowledge, I veer between my role as a teacher of Applied Arts and an unusual artistic production. In my painting and engraving I am particularly interested in confronting the question of mixed techniques, materials and themes. Engraving gives me a chance to put into perspective my research into the visual arts.
My work is broken down into a series of doors or windows which can be linked to my architectural background. Each series comprises an individual project but the series are nonetheless bound to each other in a global project.


I look for symbolic images - sometimes imaginary, sometimes real - and create a personal alphabet for my plastic arts language. To engrave, to carve out a matrix, a path through worlds of matter, farrows and ridges, deep, generous lines. Sensorial explorations of matter which, once stamped will make an engraving calling out to be both looked at and touched.

Rosario Marrero,
Painter & Engraver

Atelier d’art Brandines
437 route des Brandines
24520 Saint Nexans
Tel : +33 (0)6 72 50 43 84
Email :
Website :

Studio open by appointment


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