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 Yoann Bouldouyre, Raku Potter


Having spent three years studying drawing, photography and cinema, I wanted to use my knowledge of the visuals arts in conjunction with a living, malleable matter. It seemed natural therefore, to turn towards clay. I met a ceramicist who introduced me to that most marvellous of tools - the potter's wheel and then I did a course in raku with Sophie Houdebert at her studio- workshop "La Terre en Feu". Armed with this wonderful experience, in 2013 I decided to make artistic creation a way of life.


I create utilitarian and decorative raku ware objects in contemporary and traditional styles as well as working to order. For the last three years I've given workshops in modelling and throwing for children and adults for a variety of organisations and I also give lessons in my workshop or at the student's home. I offer courses covering the entire process of making a ceramic object. Accommodation in a contemporary yurt is available for these courses.

Clay is our ally. I want to tame it and allow it to express its sensitivity, echoing our own. Step by step, raku helps us let go, leads us to a place of serenity because the process is always full of risk, often surprise and continually wonder. Raku teaches the potter humility because faced with the alchemy of the individual elements, the potter is no more than the vector. Artistically, my aim is to reveal a sense of the vegetal in the variously deep and shallow cracks and in the infinite shades of grey and black created by use of a smoking technique. "Raku" means spontaneity, happiness and spiritual joy - quite a programme!

Modelling, throwing, enamelling and raku firing.
For prices, inscriptions and further information please call : +33 (0)6 75 64 65 83

Yoann Bouldouyre
Raku Potter
Atelier Terre Mère
24 560 Saint Aubin de Lanquais
Tel. +33 (0)6 75 64 65 83
Email :
Website :

The workshop is open by appointment

New : shop / atelier Terre Mère,
36 rue des Fontaines
24 100 Bergerac
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 19:00.




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