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 Anice Paris, Painter


AAfter studying at the Paris School of Applied Arts, I worked for textile design studios in Lyons for whom I created paper designs for the biggest names in haute couture and for textile printers, both French and international. This demanding profession which requires "an eye", an ability to be endlessly inventive and the capacity to work under pressure, provided a fantastic training for me.
Then, life's vagaries took me travelling and, dazzled by the light and atmosphere of the countries in which I was lucky enough to live, I started painting on silk.
In 1984, I set up my studio at Croix- Rousse in Lyons before moving to the Gard in 1995 where I also opened a gallery.
I now live in Bergerac and have set up my new studio there.
I have participated in lots of arts & crafts fairs - in Nimes, Grenoble, Toulouse - and have exhibited in variety of places, particularly in the Dordogne - Cadouin, Biron, Saint-Emilion, Les Eyzies...
In 2004 I won the " Best Crafts Person of France " award in the category "Fabric & Wallpaper Design adapted for Painting on Silk".


I am currently working with acrylic and oil using a fat over lean technique and applying the paint on the canvas with a palette knife. I add layer upon layer of glaze which gives an effect of transparency and lightness to my work.


I love painting flowers, giant plants, lush, imaginary gardens. I want to create images which allow the viewer to escape into them; I want my paintings to tell magnificent stories… When I painted on silk I specialized in trompe-l'oeil but, for the time being, I am back to painting at an easel. For my last exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, I created a world of white roses painted on white backgrounds which was all about playing with light and shadow and the contrast on the flowers. I am absolutely open to all the surprises that my work springs on me!


Anice Paris,
40 grande rue
24 100 Bergerac
Tel : +33 (0)6 26 31 23 58
Email :

Website :




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