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 Béatrice Bauchard, clay and bronze sculptor,
creation of unique jewellery


With her never-ending curiosity, she taught herself consecutively the techniques of gilding, ceramics and raku, the foundry of art ...
While she was immobilized for two months on a hospital bed following a serious car accident, she thought about the meaning that she wanted to give to her life.
She decided to devote herself entirely to her art. Together with her fellow artist-painter, she restored her grandfather’s former studio in order to work and to exhibit her works there.


Technique and philosophy
Both grounded and contemplative, the texture of all materials, natural or not, interests her, like abandoned “broken” everyday objects, in which she sees unique stories creating a diversion in the vast carelessness of this world.
She collects them, mixes them, makes them into a world that she sees as short poems, a dreamlike interlude. So she called her line of jewellery “The World of Things” ...
Animated by the sole purpose of combining her imagination with what the land offers her, of softness, flexibility, strength and discipline, carried along by the intrigue of what the ensemble will create, each sculpture reveals itself, guided by a kind of exhilaration of a hidden order that takes shape.
One finds in her unique jewellery the refinement and aesthetics of the world of haute couture, and in her sculptures, the eye of an artist attentive to the pulse of souls and bodies, of everyday tragedies and their silent emotions...


Béatrice Bauchard
Clay and bronze sculptor
Ccreation of unique jewellery

2 rue du loup prolongée
24 500 Eymet
Tel : +33 (0)6 75 14 04 22
Email :
Site Internet :



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