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Carole Arnaud, Leather, Wood and Crocheted Objects


It was while travelling that I came across the materials which inspire me.
I began using the various techniques that I have learnt through my different encounters and, at this moment, discovered leather and its myriad of possibilities. I added leatherwork to the sewing I already did and, very quickly, the two were combined and developed. Next, I used leather in conjunction with wood and crochet and a new series of accessories with multiple uses was launched.
Endlessly on the look-out for new materials, I began to explore the world of paper and books and embarked upon a two-year training course with Anne-Marie Mamet, passing my book-binding exams (the CAP certificate of professional competence) in June 2015.


I work and offer my creations for sale in my workshop "Cuir et Papier" located at Issigeac.
Creation begins with studying the raw material.
I bind all kind of books and also restore leather and paper. Every book is unique and every work of restoration requires observation, reflection and anticipation.


Materials need to be used in harmony with their own personality.The origin of the wood, the feel of leather, the beauty of marbled paper or the caress of a sheet of vegetal paper. The choice of a silken thread, what colour? requires every bit as much attention as all the rest!


Carole Arnaud
Leather, Wood and Crocheted Objects

 'Cuir et Papier' Workshop
2 rue Saint Joseph
24 540 Monpazier
Tel. +33 (0)6 42 09 90 15 or +33 (0)5 53 57 00 61
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Open Monday, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 14pm to 19pm, Wednesday from 9am to 13pm and Sunday from 9am to 14pm




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