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Chantal Dufayet, Artist painter


Born into a family of artists, I quite naturally took up and practiced singing, dance, painting with the same pleasure. Then studies, marriage, children, I continued to draw; I took classes, did several internships in Paris.
Various techniques, different types of media: porcelain, silk, then oil, acrylic and watercolour were, for me, an enchantment.
Today I work these three techniques with the same enthusiasm, and it is the subject treated that guides my choice concerning the mode of expression.

Activities and philosophy
I exhibit regularly since 1989. I worked with the Gallery ARTENAC in Saintes for several years.
I live and work in the country. My studio is largely open to the surrounding nature.
Contemplative, nature is, for me, an inexhaustible source of emotion and inspiration.
I try to give a timeless, poetic vision to my evanescent watercolours, where dream and reality become confused. The early morning mists, an invitation to imagine, to take the path to an uncertain place in which we can set down our own thoughts. Water, source of life, water from the unconscious, water that soothes, which takes us toward the dream... The composition remains at the limit of abstraction, the colours blend, merge.
In acrylic or in oil, paintbrushes, knives, smooth, give a silk finish, sculpture the material. I love painting sunny colourful places, which go right to the heart. The luminosity is dazzling, the painting is spontaneous, cheerful.

Chantal Dufayet
Artist painter
La Genèbre
24 560 Faux en Périgord
Tél. +33 (0)5 53 58 10 54
Email :

The studio is open to the public by appointment




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