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Christian Cadot, Wood Sculptor


Background :
I took a private training course in visual art, then went to the Beaux-Arts in Versailles and Bordeaux. At the same time, I learned metal work, welding and forging with the Companions in evening courses. I am instinctive and passionate; I use a wide variety of techniques (oil, acrylic, watercolour, aerosol, sculpture in wood and metal, plastics…) I have a curious mind, which looks for exchanges with other artists and constantly desires to enrich my knowledge from multiple sources. I nurture a creation brimming with imagination and diversity.



Activity :
I have worked and dedicated myself to sculpture, full time, for three or four years, from spring to autumn in my workshop, and in winter, I work on drawings, paintings, and photos. I have participated in poster contests and I do a lot of research and experiments, especially on wood. I exhibit my work regularly: Paris 1990. Excideuil 2008. Bergerac 2005-2007-2011. Monpazier, Duras 2010. Thenoux 2011-2012. Bréville (Charente) sculptures 2011 and 2012.



Philosophy :
Wood, a material that is curious, varied, living, surprising, as much by the multitude of species as by the suggested shapes. It is a subtle material that one must treat with love, since the pleasure it gives is intense, as much by touch as by the fragrance that it releases continually. Delicate material according to species, offering, to one who knows, different approaches, depending on the projects and the desired results.

Christian Cadot
Wood Sculptor

69 rue Neuve d’Argenson
24 100 Bergerac
Tel. +33 (0)6 25 94 50 66
Email :
No possibility to visit the workshop




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