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 Christophe Planchon, Marquetry, Wood Inlayer


After obtaining a Certificate of Qualification as a grinder mechanic and sawmill operator in 1978, I worked for ten years in this sector. At the age of 26 I took up my studies again, and after a year of university in plastic arts, I studied for a Certificate of Qualification as a fittings carpenter (1991), followed by a Certificate of Qualification as a cabinetmaker (1993), then a certificate of mastery in cabinet making in 1994, and finally specializing in marquetry in 1995, all of this as continuing education at the federation guild of Limoges. I established my own business in January 1996 as a cabinetmaker-wood inlayer, and got heavily involved in the creation of inlays at the national level.


Established in Monpazier since 2002, my creative activity in inlay comprises several different and complementary approaches. First in a figurative domain, my work consists of research of the material the most similar to reality for each element of the composition; then the work of cutting and assembling are also part of the quality of the work. In a more contemporary approach, the second facet of my work consists of staging the material itself in an abstract creation. This time, the material speaks and determines the realization of the work. These pieces are the result of an intimate relationship with the material, and their composition is often improvised and spontaneous. The marquetry works that I do are mostly pictures, but also decorative or utilitarian objects, and a few contemporary furniture designs.


The materials used in marquetry are varied and have diverse origins (plant, mineral, animal or even synthetic) and can be combined at will. Wood, a living matter, it rouses everyone’s sensitivity and emotion by its appearance, colour, veining, texture, luminosity, touch and smell. A warm material above all else, the life of the tree is written in its appearance, and my job is to provide an extension of this life.




Autumn class: Three-day introduction
Winter class: Introduction or proficiency during five days
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+33 (0)5 53 58 80 03

Christophe Planchon

Foirail Sud
24540 Monpazier
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 58 80 03
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 The Studio/Gallery is open all year, every day, even Sunday, from 10 am to 19h, Saturday from 14h to 19h. Closed on Monday from the beginning of October to the end of March

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