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Dounyo Montbazet, artist in glass using a torch


After training as a chemist, I had one odd job after another while I was looking for a position in my field. During my studies, I had a few practice sessions during which we made laboratory glassware with a torch. But at the time, I dreamed, above all, to join the scientific police
Finally, having failed the Scientific Technical Police (PTS ) competition and not having found a job in a laboratory, I took a training course in glasswork with a torch from Camille Tauzia at the ADAC in Paris for two years. With her, I learned to work spun glass and blown glass, as well as to manufacture glass beads. Subsequently, I took a training course at GK Techniques in thermoforming and fusing.
I created my small business in 2004 and, after my move from the Seine-et-Marne to the Dordogne during the summer of 2011, I opened a boutique for creators in Beaumont, in which I showed my work and that of other artisans and artists.


I created the decorative object (lamps, statuettes, sculptures, ... ) as well as utilitarian ones (crockery, jewellery, vases, ... ) using four different techniques and sometimes mixing them: spun glass and blown glass with the torch, and thermoformed glass merged in the kiln. I primarily use the borosilicate glass and Murano with the torch. Sometimes I also paint the glass to make pictures or to embellish a piece.


For someone clumsy like me, glass is the last material of which you would think! I like to work the hot glass, see it bend, stretch it and give it a very different form from the sticks and tubes with which I work. I work by following my heart on a theme (women's bodies, nature, ... ) or on a colour. I try to play with light, with raised designs, extraordinary colours that exist and are sometimes impossible to reproduce. I use everything that comes to hand to work the material (pliers, saucepan, knife, ... ), and I love to divert objects to "dress them in glass" and make them something else completely.


Internship of glass spun to the blowtorch: 20€ the hour
Demonstrations on appointment

Dounyo Montbazet
Artist in glass using a torch

Studio (by appointment):
37 avenue de la Gare
24 520 Mouleydier
Tel : +33 (0)9 82 36 26 62 or +33 (0)6 67 91 40 39
Email :
Website :



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