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Francis Bouquillon, Ceramicist


Background :
From a family of artists, a father Prize of Rome for sculpture and an uncle painter, from the beginning, I was immersed in clay, drawing and colour. I attended the School of Applied Arts in Paris and initially turned towards painting on silk.
In parallel, I made architectural models and graphics/page layout.
Professional life then led me into the field of energies, then sustainable development.
An attraction for the culture and the aesthetics of Japan, country which I visit regularly, then influenced my creative feeling and structured my taste for ceramics, a major applied art in this country. (It also led me to make a Japanese garden on a property at the edge of the Dordogne).
For the next three years I trained at the studio “Clay and Fire” in Paris, established in an old studio of Matisse.


Activity and Philosophy :
I often work with clay of Beauronne fired at 960/1000 degrees. It is in the modelling of the pieces that I feel best, rather than turning. I work a lot with slab. The “step by step of the hands”, at the same time sensitive and cautious, contains for me a wealth of feeling that I endeavour to transmit to the piece. The speed of the wheel seems to me to remove part of this sensitive dimension. Proximity and observation of nature and the cycle of the seasons are an endless source of creative ideas.
The utility of the works created guides me as well: dishes and containers of all kinds come into the world with the idea to serve the art of cooking. Shapes and colours combine with the food.
In that way, I stay very close to the Japanese tradition made of many pieces, whose colours and shapes often correspond to a specific use. The green - or rather the greens - the orange, the ochre clays, the oxides, are my favourite palette in contours with flowing or geometrical contours.


Francis Bouquillon

La Grange de Sinquet
24 610 Saint Méard de Gurçon
Tel. +33 (0)6 08 07 08 81
Email :
Website :

Workshop open from April to October by appointment




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