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François Moscardini, Painter, Visual artist


I took courses at the National Centre for Distance Education (CNED) during my scholastic period, then got a BAC A3 in plastic arts Art History. I made many trips, notably to the USA, to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and also to London, Amsterdam etc... Then I came back to live in the Dordogne, where I have my family roots, attracted, too, by the exceptional luminosity in the Bergerac area.


Activity and Philosophy
In the beginning there is the discovery of a new material, then the tentative attempts and tests and finally feeling the relation between the in and the out, the revelation of various intimacies carving out channels and becoming visible through the intimate perspective of this techno-stained glass.
The translucence invites one on an introspective journey just as the exploration of precious gems does.
The colours sit side by side, cross over and mix and offer themselves up to scrutiny to be imagined and accepted as evidence.
What is it?
There is an element of mystery and subtlety in the relation with the light which illuminates or extinguishes these small objects which are both serene yet, at the same time, full of an agitated interior life true to each of them.


François Moscardini
Painter, Visual artist

Lieu-dit Le Peytavit
24 150 Couze et Saint-Front
Tel : +33 (0)6 31 85 82 01
Email :


The studio is open to the public by appointment




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