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 Françoise de Torrenté, Ceramist


After fifteen years of practice in ceramics as an amateur in an association, I opened my own workshop, “The Balconies of Heaven.”
I design jewellery, bowls and “Fariboles”. During my long years of apprenticeship, I benefited from the advice of Marc Bertier and Christine Robert. I did my best to keep my eyes open, to stay alert, with constant, fascinated attention for the work of my great elders and contemporaries.


Pearl necklaces, handmade, glazed and then assembled with a thoughtful spontaneity.
Bowls and large vases in stoneware, built up with coils, then incised and glazed.
“Fariboles” — small statues of white china turned in one throw, only the head is modelled. I dare to hope that their simplicity, their charm and expressiveness are touching.


Poet before becoming ceramist, my hands express with clay what my verses weave with words:
- nature and self-
- the spiritual and the flesh-
- strength and fragility,
- work and play
In the heart of dualities, I am inclined to harmony.

Clay training courses
Training courses with possibility of accommodations at
the Domaine in guest rooms.
Information, rates and enrolment +33 (0)5 53 23 48 23

Françoise de Torrenté
Atelier Les Balcons du Ciel
Domaine des Farguettes
24480 Paleyrac
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 23 48 23 / +33 (0)6 18 52 30 28
Website :
Email :

Visit by appointment only, except in July and August



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