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 Gies Wynendaele, Silversmith


It was around the age of fourteen that Gies created his first pieces of jewellery out of wood in order to make some pocket money. He quickly moved onto other materials such as Fimo or enamelled copper to make square-shaped jewellery and pictures.
Having trained with a silversmith, Gies made his first piece of silver jewellery aged 23. He took advantage of his job teaching in a technical college to learn how to forge and weld which enabled him to make Zadkine and Giacometti-inspired sculptures as well as to experiment with a new style of jewellery using a drop by drop technique.
A busy professional life meant that for years he no longer had the time to make jewellery but he returned to it in 2004 whereupon it became his main activity.


Gies Wynendaele makes unique contemporary pieces of solid silver jewellery in geometric and orthogonal shapes into which amber or pearls are inserted.


Gies Wynendaele’s creative universe resembles miniature, eclectic worlds peopled with pieces of silver jewellery made and modelled by his own hands.
His need to create and his passion for this profession have led to the creation of animated and sculpted works of art. His working techniques include forging, welding and meticulous assembly.
These uniquely-shaped pieces of jewellery are born from a combination of immense skill and talented use of ancestral methods as well as from patient, creative research.


The workshop is open to the public:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 6pm
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 12:30
Closed from 15th October to 1st May

Gies Wynendaele

« Le Petit Merle » lieu-dit Le Merle
24 440 Sainte Sabine Born
Tel : +33 (0)7 87 54 67 59
Email :
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