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Guillaume Amorin, Photographer


Guillaume Amorin's life has been one of mixed cultures from the very beginning: he was born in Algeria of Uruguayan parents, by the age of fifteen he had lived in Portugal, Switzerland and Italy, settling finally in Belgium where, at eighteen years old, he enrolled in Brussels Academy of Fine Art.


Since his earliest childhood, he has always wanted to draw and paint; all his life he has been fascinated by colour and this fascination has never left him. As a student he discovered what was to become his passion: photography. The themes evoked even in his earliest work were already essentially those linked to nature with a water proving a dominant feature, and, indeed, water has remained one of his favourite subjects ever since.
Guillaume Amorin settled in France in 1997; he is based in Saint Capraise d'Eymet, where alongside his photography, he concentrates on writing novels.


Activities & Philosophy
Guillaume Amorin regularly exhibits his work in galleries in France and Belgium.
Artistically, his style is streamlined, simple and close to the Elements from which he draws power and beauty in order to then exhale it in a living, intimate breath. With subtle, delicate touches, he impregnates his work with these Elements, extracting from them their vital essence: movement.


Guillaume Amorin,
Art Photographer
Lieu dit Dumaine
24 500 Saint Capraise d’Eymet
Tel. +33 (0)5 53 24 29 38
Email :
Website :



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