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JAD, Artist, painter


Philosophy :
Here is an artist who is not troubled with current terminologies, or uncertainties that plague our contemporaries, nor is he planning tortuous formalisms where speech supplants form. This is a figurative painting since it shows fruit, flowers, branches and familiar objects; abstract since it passes through the recomposition of the imaginary,
Resurgence of this French spirit which, with the taste of a job well done, is a poem of diaphanous light of light mornings, a daily conquest for serenity and balance.
Yoann NYS, art critic.


Background :
Very early initiated into art, I attended various workshops: Reims, Strasbourg and Paris, and became a model for painters and sculptors.
I arrived in the Perigord in 1973. This is where I live and I am entirely devoted to painting.
Technique: oil on wood.

In addition to the permanent exhibition at the studio/gallery “The Jasses”, JAD exhibits regularly in the Dordogne and in Paris.


Artist, painter

Studio “The Jasses” (near Château de Bannes)
24 440 Beaumont du Périgord
Tel. +33 (0)6 01 72 00 15
Email :
Website : 

Visit the studio/gallery preferably by appointment





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