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Jean-Claude & Monique Favre, Ceramicists


Jean-Claude's Backgound:
After a BTS (Brevet de technician supérieur) in Ceramic Arts and a Diploma in Ceramics from the Olivier de Serres ENSAAMA (Ecole nationale supérieur des arts appliqués et des métiers d'art), I entered professional life carrying out my craft as a potter.
Later, I became a teacher of ceramics at Troyes Ecole des Beaux Arts and taught a design BTS course at Troyes Ecole Supérieure de Design. During my years as a teacher, I continued with my artistic activities and participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic events. In 2011, I left the Champagne and settled in the Dordogne at Liorac sur Louyre.


Monique's Background:
I was always very interested in my husband's work and, little by little, I decided that I too wanted to work with clay. Thanks to his wonderful advice, I soon discovered the therapeutic and calming powers of handling clay and I very quickly became hooked on modelling. It was my love of animals and of the happiness they bring us that directed me principally towards the creation of animal sculptures - which I always give a personalised expression. I take great pleasure in creating my sculptures and I love it when my animals provoke a smile from those who see them.


Activities and philosophy
“It is so intriguing to question a meeting rock, to see what fire did to it ... In this typically artisanal approach is found the source of perpetual wonder" (Daniel de Montmollin)
Ceramics is primarily a school of humility. The reverse side of decor is made of runs, breakages, failures...
Opening the oven is always a delight; emotional, certainly, but also happy or unhappy surprises.
Everything interests me: the earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, the infinite research of glazes, coating slips, raku ….
The methods of fabrication are multiple. I practice turning, stamping and, if necessary, the manufacture of moulds. I have the possibility to go in all directions of creation."


Jean-Claude & Monique Favre, Ceramicists
La Raffigne
24 520 Liorac sur Louyre
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 22 59 46
Email :

Studio open all year by appointment



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