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 Jean-Pierre Tauzia, Sculptor, Artist


Born in the Dordogne in 1944, first a photographer then a ceramicist, three years of visual arts studies and having always been attracted to sculpture, it was not until 1986 that Jean-Pierre Tauzia decided to devote himself to sculpture full time.
Today he is a member of the Maison des Artists, works as a sculptor at Mauzac et Grand Castang and exhibits regularly every year in Aquitaine.


I create original sculptures with my principal themes being the female body and, to a lesser degree, animals. These are either unique pieces or small series of bronzes that I make in my workshop. My works are signed and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. My activity covers various disciplines: direct carving, modelling, mould-making, ceramic firing, bronze smelting, metal soldering, engraving and patina.
I also offer beginners courses in sculpture from May to October (please contact me for more information).


My raw material is the ink through which I can best express my thoughts. My work is based on the form and interpretation of volume. I enjoy working with clay because of the way in which it transmits every emotion that runs through one's finger tips. I like to see the patina of time, or elements such as fire, on the materials - the traces they leave - and this is my main reason for choosing to work in clay or bronze. To go from one medium to another I needed only to learn the mastery of wax - and that mission is now accomplished. My art involves trying to establish a link between the mineral and the living; between the base element and the present object.


Beginning Raku classes

Information, rates and registration at:
(0)5 53 22 52 38

Jean-Pierre Tauzia
Sculptor, Artist
La ferme du Pech Brut
24 150 Mauzac
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 22 52 38
Website :
Email :

The Workshop / Gallery is open daily from May to October

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