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Jérémy Hausmann, Creation on terracotta tiles


At around the age of 10, I started oil painting, following the discovery of the colours of my mother, a designer stylist. I made hundreds of oils on canvas, before diversifying my technique, thanks in particular to getting a Diploma of General Academic Studies (DEUG) in plastic arts in 1997.
I then headed toward musical studies in Bordeaux: the CIAM (centre of information and of musical activity), ADAMS to learn the techniques of sound and light shows, and the CNR (regional national conservatory) for the electroacoustic composition class.
After this interlude of almost 10 years, and a few collages, it was in 2006 that I realized my first drawing on terracotta… since then, I have created more than 600 pieces to this day.


Creation on terracotta, tiles from Gironde, floor-tiles and old flat tiles. The drawings are made in oil pastels, then varnished in several layers. The dimensions vary from 10 to 30 cm per side (up to a meter for framed triptyques). For the purpose of putting them on walls, (which is what I recommend), it is easy for me to install a hook on the back of the piece on simple request.

It was after having seen the colours of limestone on the tiles from Gironde that I had the idea of drawing on them: it was an excellent starting point for my inspiration. The different shades of the terracotta, the raised pattern, the worn aspect, eroded in fact, of some pieces, calls to me. I like to enhance the warm colours of my tiles, these subtle variations that take the different qualities of clay during firing. Thanks to this, that since the beginning in drawing, music, and in life, it is extraordinarily obvious for me: COLOUR!


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Jérémy Hausmann
Creation on terracotta tiles
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