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Julie Rameix, Artisanal leatherwork


Having spent thirteen years working in the social sector, I wished to develop another kind of relationship with others and my environment and to fulfil deeper aspirations.
I have always been drawn towards the kind of activity in which manual work can be carried out in conjunction with one's heart and spirit. I put my desire for change into action via a professional reconversion course at the CFA d'Eysines to gain a CAP [certificate of professional aptitude] in leatherwork. Through the course I met a number of local artisan leatherworkers and observed their different approaches to creation.


I set up my workshop in the basement which leads out to the garden of my Bergerac home. I design and make all belts, purses, wallets etc. from A to Z; from the creation of the prototype to the finishing trimmings. Each stage of the fabrication of an object is carried out with painstaking care as I firmly believe that the secret lies in the detail. Some of my models can be adapted to customer specifications such as choice of colour of leather, accessories etc.
I am hoping to develop partnerships with French tanneries and taweries, principally with the aim of securing a supply of vegetable-tanned leather.


Leather is a noble, living matter that acquires the patina of time. When creating my objects I bear in mind that I am working with the skin of an animal and my designs are created in respect of this and in the desire to sublimate the raw material. Thus, I restore life through an accessory in which the aesthetics and the utilitarian are joined. Finally, I am looking for a harmony of shape, leather type and decorative accessories to obtain an original and resilient finish to the object.


Julie Rameix,
Artisanal leatherwork
Po & ZYa Maroquinerie
24 100 Bergerac
Tel. +33 (0)6 71 30 63 92
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Workshop open all year by appointment.






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