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KAMOCA (Catherine Morthelier), painter


Background and Activity
I was born in Auvers sur Oise where the names of Pissaro, Cézanne, Daubigny resonated throughout my childhood, where Vincent and Théo were part of my everyday life… I've always loved wandering through the old streets of Auvers and was always drawn to the artists I would see there, bringing their blank canvases to life. I was drawn to art and intimidated by it at the same time.
As a teenager, I started pencilling portraits, before moving on to oils and water paints.
As a mother, I organised visual art workshops for my three budding artists and their friends.
One thing leading to another, I threw myself into patchwork with the same passion.
Then the exhibitions of paintings got the upper hand. I gave lessons at the social centre and organised painting Sundays, further to a course in art therapy. What is essential to me about these painting days that I organise in Beauregard, is to give people who have never dared paint and do not feel capable of being creative, the confidence to do so.


A canvas, water, paints - a game. I always listen to music when starting a painting, without knowing where the new journey is going to take me.
It begins with carefreeness to which is added acrylic paint, pigment, material, paper, string, a graphic design dependent on mood…
As the days go by, it becomes more complicated to find a balance and a bit of sobriety after so many conversations…
Having for many years painted figures of women, my paintings are now often abstract although feminine silhouettes still appear from time to time.
I know that a painting is finished when I feel good next to it, whereupon I heave a last sigh before awaiting the next moment of rebirth through another painting.
Visits to the workshop by appointment.


Lessons in intuitive painting
Information, prices and inscriptions +33 (0)6 73 80 71 93

KAMOCA (Catherine Morthelier)
Eco hameau de la Servantie
24140 Beauregard et Bassac
Tel : +33 (0)6 73 80 71 93
Email :
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The workshop is open to the public by appointment



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