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 Liz King-Sangster, Painter, trompe l’œil


Liz was born in London. After having studied at the College of Art in Southend, in England, she became an Assistant Designer and Scenic Artist at the "Palace Theatre, Westcliff for-on-Sea" for four years. Then Liz moved to Wales as Head Scenic Artist at the Welsh National Opera Company, where she was in charge of painting the backcloths and scenery. Here, she managed the team that created large sculptures as well as the sets for opera, ballet and theatre companies around the world, including English National Opera, Scottish Opera, Houston Opera, La Scala Milan, Vancouver Opera, Paris Opera, Ballet Rambert and Sadlers Wells..
After 16 years devoted to this work, Liz left in order to travel in Europe. She finally settled in the Dordogne to develop her first passion: painting.


In addition to her painting, Liz also creates frescoes and trompe l’oeils for owners of châteaux, hotels and restaurants throughout France and Europe. She also designs and creates chandeliers, furniture and folding screens.


Everything inspires me ! I paint landscapes, still life, portraits, animals ( in various media: watercolour, oil, acrylic and also on the iPad) addition, I like painting the interiors of the châteaux I've worked in: corridors and rooms where I sense the mystery of past occupants and their individual stories. Like all artists my goal is to create a "feeling" using colour and brushwork. Occasionally I'll write a few lines of poetry in Japanese-style Haiku and Tanka to accompany the images I paint


Liz King-Sangster accepts commissions for: frescoes,
trompe l’oeil, any decorative work and portraits.
For information, contact her at :
+33 (0)5 53 23 47 05

Liz King-Sangster
Painter, trompe l’œil
La Crabouille
24 520 Lamonzie Montastruc
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 23 47 05
Website :

The studio is open by appointment




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