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 Marie-Lise Duédal, pressed flowers, painting


I entered working life when I was young. I was in Paris where I had various jobs. When I was a child, I liked to draw, paint and write. After an interruption of a few years, I took up my brushes again. I liked colours. I have met many people in my life, and most of these encounters were important and deciding. After my work, I always had a painting in progress. I was also interested in the flowers, I dried them and made compositions.
Self-taught in all that I undertook. I travelled alone.
One of my jobs resulted in my returning regularly to Brittany, to find my roots, to establish a strong relationship with Nature. Always aside from my profession, I made pictures in algae, and made lamp-shades from pressed flowers.
I arrived in the Dordogne in 1986, and started painting flowers and animals on T-shirts…
I exhibited in flower shows, I always sold pressed flowers on cards.
In 1993, I decided to take classes in drawing and painting, thus I has lessons from three professors during four years.


Activity and philosophy
I paint on fabric, I also paint on paper, projects intended to being printed by a printer who works, amongst other things, for designers, tablecloths, decorative panels…
I also work on my T-shirts using various techniques, and creating trees, watering-cans, dancers from my paintings. I also make vests, cushions… And, always pressed flowers… which are found in the clothing on my “dancers”, forty of which are represented in postcards. I exhibit in plant shows in France. I also create flower clothing, directly on mannequins. What I like with textiles is to cut, sew and touch them. I also like the movement of fabric, its amplitude, and… its colours. I appreciate, too, the feel of the flowers that I pick to press and that I find after they have stayed in my phone books: the rose petal is always velvety, certain leaves are delicate, others stick, others become transparent and light.


Marie-Lise Duédal
Ppressed flowers, painting
Podestat Creations
24 100 Bergerac
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