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Marie Pichon-Varin, Ceramicist Sculptor


Background :
My first encounter with clay occurred at the "Earth and Fire" Studio with Marc Bethier.
At that time, I was learning Spanish, but I put an end to those studies to devote myself to Art.
For several years, I was in schools and training, bringing together different forms of art. Sculpture, stained glass, scenography, drawing, photographs… Clay, in the background, followed me throughout this process.
Then this material established itself again, even more obviously. It became a true passion and a full-fledged occupation since 2009.
In 2011, feeling the need to share, transmit and bring closer Art and Humanitarian, I gave a training course in art therapy, at the medical college of Montpellier.


Activity :
Art Ceramics, sculptures and utilitarian pottery.
I use various techniques of assembly and shaping, in particular, sausage-shaped pieces.
I make my glazes and do primitive firing and smoke firing.
I organize creation studios for adults and children, and sometimes take part in organizations for clay activities and art therapy meetings.


Philosophy :
Filled with various forms of Arts, I play and advance with the Clay in a very fluttering manner.
Not having voluntarily defined a unifying thread in my work, I nourish myself with everything and all the small daily nothings.
The bark of a tree, the shell of an insect, the interior of a hive… are as many sources of inspiration for the realization of pieces or sculptures.
At the same time, Africa and its inhabitants, remote passion, remain omnipresent in my work, by their colours and dancing silhouettes.
Fire, fascinating element, is closely related to Clay and is a big step in the potter’s trade.
Discovering primitive firings and smokings in 2007, I have since experimented with these techniques, which lead to permanent surprises, elusive mysteries, and inexhaustible magic.


Marie Pichon-Varin,
Ceramicist Sculptor

Atelier Chamotte et Barbotine
27 route de Cahors
24 150 Couze et Saint-Front
Tel. +33 (0)6 04 08 75 14
Website  :
Email : 

Workshop open to all.
Thank you for safety of call before visiting.




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