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Mylène Murot, Painter


Born in 1966 in Dunkirk, I trained as a special needs teacher and have always undertaken artistic projects with my pupils, very often combining the visual arts with dance - my two passions. Over the years, I continued with my own learning through lessons and training courses while carrying out my two principle activities, veering as time went on, from dance to yoga and a greater level of interiorisation.
I quit the national education system in 2010 to devote myself fully to these activities and set up 'Atelier Traces et Matières', a concept which associates art and yoga in a spirit of inner learning. I also teach a university yoga diploma at Lille 2 University.
Since 2005 my studio, Atelier Traces et Matières', has been based in St Aubin de Lanquais.


I've participated in various exhibitions in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and the municipality of Coudekerque-Branche has asked me to do a large scale painting with a 'networking' theme for the inauguration of a Preventative Health Centre.
Associating painting with writing, I have plans to create a youth album for Utopique Publications.

My paintings, which are usually large format, concentrate on the sensory feelings engendered by the work of tracing and matter. After a period of fully conscious work where all the senses are solicited to appreciate the elements surrounding us (light, colour, smell, matter, noise, vibrations), meditation enables the senses to retract, to interiorize and this is when the painting begins to take shape, almost to create itself clairvoyantly with everything falling into place. Next comes the time of creation where the body throws itself into the process, where everything that has been interiorized spills out onto the canvas. Then I persevere and work slowly on the colours, building up successive layers to achieve the depth of sensory feeling. I love playing with thickness and textures, bringing movement into relief.


Mylène Murot,

Atelier Traces & Matières
Le Phénix-Est
24 560 Saint Aubin de Lanquais
Tel. +33 (0)6 71 15 91 90
Email :

Visit the workshop all week by appointment

- Commissions accepted for paintings.
- Yog'Art Sessions: Relaxation & Creativity either in the St Aubin de Lanquais studio or on other premises.
-"Gettaway" Weekend

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