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 Nadine Bourgeois, Woven sculptures and mosaic


After a short period teaching in the Vosges I discovered the Dordogne and its rurality. An immediate attraction and the desire to move there, with closer to nature and humans: The creation of a small farm in mixed-farming and breeding associated with a place to live for teenagers.
Since my memory about weaving at the Teacher Training School in 1978, I always felt the need to regularly be involved with it; having studied and done research about other techniques.
I became professional in 2007 (setting up in plant weaving on the path of Land' art of Bourrou (24)). Since then, I exhibit regularly in the Dordogne (Hautefort, Varaignes…) and in Aquitaine.


I create unique pieces that bring together different techniques (wood working, weaving, mosaic) and different materials (metal, wood, plant matter, enamel, coloured glass...). I use material that is local and natural.

I do not have an preconceived idea. Each time, I let myself be guided by the wood, their movements and their singularity. I like to give life again to materials “from here”, filled with history such as, for example, the metal circles of barrels or the ancient oak that fell behind my house during the storm of 1999.
My “interlacings” combine the vegetable, the mineral and the animal all together; each technique and each matter is enriched by the others and their contrasts, to suit the inspiration of the moment. Each creation returns to the simple beauty of nature and encourages daydreams while letting to you follow the thread…of your imagination.



Nadine Bourgeois
Woven sculptures and mosaic
Atelier Entrelacs
Le Presbytère
24 140 Douville
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 81 04 80 / +33 (0)6 82 11 15 79
Email :  
Visit the studio by appointment only



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