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Nathaly Vérail, Gilder, decorator and framer


Background :
I arrived in the Dordogne in 1995 after working for 10 years in Bordeaux in my apprentice master's studio. I opened a small summer-season art gallery in Biron, then a gilding studio in Daglan, one in Issigeac and at the same time a boutique in Bordeaux in order to make my work known to the public, before finally settling down and opening a studio in Monpazier. This is where I now work as the successor to the Gilding and Framing Studio of Messers Jean and Francis Pelle, which originally opened in Bordeaux in 1896.


Activity :
Gilding : The work is two-fold - Creation and Restoration .
Creation : each piece is unique made by hand to order on untreated wooden mouldings to which I add decoration at the client's request or according to my inspiration ; the colours, shades and finishes are ones I make myself using vegetable and mineral pigments.
Restoration : From mouldings and impressions taken, I recreate objects identical to those which are missing or have deteriorated. After several other stages in the work the finishing layer of gold, silver, aluminium, copper or any other metal leaf requested, is applied. I use authentic, traditional materials, working methods and techniques.
Framing : One of my many specialities is perfectly matched frame-corners.


Philosophy :
I now consider myself to have mastered the Art of Gilding ; having worked employing the old, traditional methods, using only conventional materials and " trade secrets " - knowledge orally transmitted to me by my apprentice master.
Note : Interview on TF1 during the One O'Clock News in a slot with Jean-Pierre Pernaut ; two long articles in the magazine " Maison et Campagne " and an article in the " Nouvel-Observateur ".


Nathaly Vérail
Gilder, decorator and framer
L’Atelier de dorure sur bois
22 rue Saint Jacques
24 540 Monpazier
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 73 63 91 or +33 (0)6 75 30 92 68
Website :

Open : Tuesday - Sunday from 10.00a.m. - 12.30 and from 4.00p.m. - 6.30p.m. unless I'm away working on-site.



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