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Philippe Bouvet, Artist Painter


After three years of graphic design studies at the Brassart School in Tours, I worked for six years in three communication agencies in Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Malo and Le Havre. Originally from the Mayenne, I created my own graphic studio in Laval, where I was surrounded by a team of five people. Our work consisted of creating logos, pamphlets, and other media for an institutional destination in order to enhance the image of the companies.
Many illustrations and various graphics were ordered from us to highlight the products or services of our clients
In 2004, I sold the studio to devote myself to drawing and painting.


Activities and philosophy of painting
Inspired by the horseback riding environment that I frequent, the beginning of this new period was mainly devoted to
illustration to try to “let go”, compared with the very targeted advertising orders. I made hundreds of pen drawings directly on paper, a bit like when writing. Influenced by Weisbuch, I found that these spontaneous "Writing-Drawings” gave movement, breath, freedom, life.
A second period led me to “come out” of academicism even more, by voluntarily transforming the bodies of horses, as well as dancers and musicians.
Currently my work is a permanent search for blending, for balance between patina backgrounds or graphics in harmony with figurative subjects. The whole is mainly done in acrylic on different materials with the knife as the main tool, in order to get out of hyperrealism.


Philippe Bouvet
Artist Painter
Le Mas
24 140 Queyssac
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 23 45 48
Tel : +33 (0)6 10 94 66 23
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