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Rémy and Catherine Danoy, Ceramicists and Weavers


A blacksmith by training, Rémy Danoy practised his trade in Touraine for twenty years. At the same time in collaboration with his wife Catherine - with fire being a unifying element in their work - they have used clay to create pottery. They are self-taught and began their initiation with stoneware and light earthenware. Based in the Dordogne since 1999, they opened their studio and shop in Saint Avit Sénieur in 2013 since when they have enlarged their repertoire of techniques to include raku and enfumage (“smoking”).
They have recently undertaken training in weaving and Catherine has also been taught to spin by a professional in the Limousin.


They produce unique pieces such as sculptures and vases; decorative and functional objects for the home and garden – plates, bowls and jugs for example; chimes, roof finials, garden labels and bird baths. Exterior pieces are made from frost-proof stoneware and sculptures are of earthenware, glazed, unglazed, waxed or with lustre finish.
They make cloth from wool, cotton, linen and vegetable fibres and combine ceramic and textile elements in some of their pieces such as lamps and wall hangings.


Their use of form, colour and materials reflects their individual sensitivities. Their brand of creativity relies on inspiration from nature and their environment and they are constantly in search of new emotions and sensations to share with their audience through their work.


Rémy and Catherine Danoy
 Ceramicists and Weavers
Le bourg
24 440 Saint Avit Sénieur
Tel. +33 (0)6 07 02 34 06
Email :

The studio and gallery are open every day (except Monday) from 10.00a.m. - 12.30p.m. and from 2.00p.m. - 6.30p.m.
During July and August Friday evening opening is until 10.00p.m.




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