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Renépaul Kraeutler, Painter and Sculptor


Renépaul was born long ago in Africa. From his apprenticeship as a small man among the indigenous population he retains the pleasure of simplicity and of making the unmakeable from ordinary materials. Clearly influenced by the same skies as Camus, Matisse and others who strike sparks with their vibrant and secret colours, Renépaul searches in his subjects the evocation of an emotion and his characters express this rather than mere attitude.
Exhibitions, workshops, Montmartre and Barbizon have led him, probably definitively, to the Dordogne.


Activity and Philosophy
I've always liked notebooks. When I was a kid I made them myself. In a notebook one takes notes, one writes words and sticks pictures.
Afterwards I look at my sketches and a make a painting or a sculpture to clarify my thoughts. I do this to make my thoughts live and get into other people’s heads in the same way as a speech or piece of music does. A speech is intended to convince and music to charm. Music also starts with a sketch, we call that notes of music.
A painting exists to make us imagine an abstraction, a dream. Originally paintings were intended to fix moments in time and History, now we use photography for that. It's the same thing but without the imagination.
This is why I hardly draw faces on my group portraits. The story is a group story and not one of the individual. If the face is sketched it is to express an emotion, not the identity of the person. Adding precision to a portrait tells us which individual was present at a given instant and painting no longer serves as a historical witness to an event but as an expression.


Renépaul Kraeutler
Painter and Sculptor

Le bourg
24 240 Saussignac
Tel : +33 (0)6 32 37 97 12
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Studio open by appointment


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