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 Sophie Bourzeix, Ceramist


An engineering degree and a doctorate in quantum physics did not predestine me to ceramics. But the bursting of the “Internet bubble” in 2002 brought an end to my career in high technology. I wanted to do what I liked: making beautiful objects. After studying design I wanted to return to working with clay, which I had done as a child: I worked in the studio of the Czech ceramist Jana Bednarkova, then the Japanese, Yoshimi Futamura, where I learned to use the potter’s wheel following the traditional Japanese method. Loving the beautiful glazes and colour, I also took Helena Klug’s courses in Paris from 2007 to 2009, where I studied chemistry in search of stoneware glazes at high temperatures. In 2009 I left Paris with my husband and children, and I live in the Dordogne, where the quiet and greenery are conducive to working with clay.


I work with Puisaye natural sandstone, which I heat to 1280° C. It is turned, shaped or worked in slabs. I create simple shapes, sometimes with gentle curves, sometimes geometric with openings through which the eyes can play. These are utilitarian objects (bowls, dishes, salad bowls), and also decorative pieces: vases, boxes, or objects without function. I research my own glazes, some ash-based: flat enamel or brushed.


Working with clay requires accepting the slowness of time. First the material: do not ill-treat the clay. But also the slowness of the potter: her doubts, her experimentations, her back-and-forth to find her way.
In addition, each time you open the oven after firing, it is a surprise with emotion: you do not know what you will discover. It is a magical moment and one of the great pleasures of the ceramist. We do not completely control the firing process.
To work clay, it is necessary, therefore, to give up all power, speed and the “all at once” offered by internet and mobile phones. Abandon the clicks and insubstantial touches of the screen for other actions that change the material and involve the body. Letting go to make the clay, the shapes and the imagination live, while trying to keep a contemporary approach: that is the issue. I am at the beginning!


Sophie Bourzeix
La Rigaudie
24 140 Saint Hilaire d’Estissac
Tel : +33 (0)6 87 86 29 04
Email :

Studio open all year by appointment

Gallery phi2 (thank you to call 06 82 81 13 74 few before coming to visit the gallery)
55 rue Gabriel Reymond
24140 Villamblard



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