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Stéphanie Dupire, Mosaicist


Stéphanie Dupire, affiliated to the Maison des Artistes, is specialised in mosaic art. Originally from the north of France, she set up her workshop in the heart of the Périgord Pourpre, fulfilling a childhood dream to live in the middle of the countryside.
"My discovery of mosaics was a lucky accident and an incredible revelation". Meeting a former Compagnon du Devoir led to an initiation, passed down from master to pupil, of the secrets of antique mosaics that she later combined with self-taught modern techniques. This enables her to make very precise works, even portraits for example.


Today Stéphanie mainly works to order. She creates anything from abstract to figurative pieces, using a great variety of motifs and styles.
All projects can be envisaged, beginning with consultation with the client and a study of the project in question.
Her art takes into account the client's universe and desires, the style of house or place which will accommodate the work, as well the technical constraints imposed by the environment.


Philosophy :
At the workshop, raw materials are brought to life by the way in which they are used: size, format, a mix of opacity and transparency, a contrast of colours, the use of relief to catch the light ; the object may be used its natural brut state, its final polished version, or in any or all stages in between. Works of art sometimes veer naturally towards sculpture or stained glass. Techniques are adapted to all materials and shapes. There are no limits to what is possible - other, perhaps, than the limits imposed by the imagination.


Lessons & courses
Adults and children. All levels, all techniques.

Overseeing/accompanying projects in various social structures :
Individual creations or the creation of a group piece.

Stéphanie Dupire

Atelier «L’art du temps»
22 rue Jean de la Salle
24150 Couze et Saint Front
Tel : +33 (0)6 03 79 44 72
Email :
Website  :

Studio open by appointment



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