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Sue Luff, Fairy figure's creator


I was born in Uganda in 1950's living in different agricultural 'stations' and then eventually moving and starting my schooling in the western part of the UK in the 1960's.
Surrounded by completely different countryside, this merging of cultures and traditions, opened my eyes to looking deeper and under the surface, to glimpse its spirit.


Years later after feeling trapped working in a bank, I plucked up courage to set out on my own and teach myself the art of sculpting in different figures stoneware. This gradually grew into a business that had many outlets over England. It was an amazing busy time. Sadly it all took a heavy toll on my hands and I had to stop. So my creativity had to gradually find another way with painting and sewing in my spare time.
It is almost four years now since I moved here to the beautiful Dordogne with my husband and I have quietly been developing fairy figures made from cloth. Why fairy? It's the human form, but in a spiritual, mystical way. Ethereal, something that crosses cultures and time. Why cloth? Again, it links everyone from the finest silk to the roughest hessian. But also, they can evolve at my hands pace.


There are many ways of looking at and understanding life depending on where you live and what's around you. But somehow it's the spirits influence that cannot be ignored.

Sue Luff,
Fairy figure's creator
3 chemin de Carquet
24 500 Eymet
Tel. +33 (0)5 53 73 95 68
Email :




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