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Sylvie Dubicki, Basket-weaver


Having trained as an accountant, I discovered wickerwork the day my path crossed that of an old man from Prat-du-Périgord who wanted to pass on his knowledge and skills.
This was no accident; I needed to work, to create, with my hands. The providential meeting with this person showed me the way forward.
I did a professional reconversion course in wickerwork and validated my newly acquired skills with a CAP [certificate of professional aptitude] in wickerwork at Fayl Billot in Haute Marne, the only school to propose such a diploma.
With my husband's help, I built a workshop at Lacapelle Biron: Les Tresses de Sylvie [equiv: Sylvie's Plaits]. For ten years I continued with this adventure in combination with various other activities but eventually decided to pour all my energy into my wickerwork trade and moved my workshop in June 2015 to Issigeac, an authentic and vibrant village.


I cultivate a small osier bed and, just like I do with chestnut, I harvest my raw materials thus carrying out the process from A to Z. My creations are either made to measure to the customer's specifications or are my own, created from my own inspiration and ideas. I also repair baskets, chairs and other plaited wood objects.
Today it is my turn to transmit the ancestral skill of wickerwork and basket weaving to others. I hold relaxed, enjoyable introductory courses during which we can take our time… just like in the olden days. Art, authenticity and quality all year round.


The word 'magic' came to mind when I saw a simple "piece of chestnut wood" transformed into an arm basket.
Chestnut's splints of varying widths, willow's warm colours … With its multitude of essences, wood is a living, noble material which, when we know how to tame it, allows us to design and make a thousand and one objects.


Sylvie Dubicki,

Les Tresses de Sylvie
Atelier tressage châtaignier et osier
18 rue de Cardenal
24 560 Issigeac
Tel. +33 (0)6 88 13 78 77
Email :
Facebook : Les Tresses de Sylvie

Everybody goes home with the object they have made!
-1h30 for children and adults (from 6 years old ) Rate: 10€
-Full day (6 hours) Rate: 50€
- 1hr weekly sessions : Rate 8€ per session or 80€ per term
Please contact me for further information : +33 (0)6 88 13 78 77



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