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 Sylvie Riou-Gousseault, painted glass and tableware


I was born in 1964 in Toulon and was initially an accountant then a welder for several years. I settled in the area 12 years ago. Self-taught and passionate about decoration, I started painting on wood and have exhibited my work on a number of occasions. I moved to Monpazier and opened my shop, "L'Univers de VyVy" firstly just during the summer season and then all year round.


Activity and Philosophy
After painting on wood, I now paint on glass and have developed my activity around the art of the table. It is extremely agreeable to play with colours and transparency and to create colours and models in whatever direction my imagination - or that of my clients - takes me. I have recently started working with cold porcelain, making and colouring my own mix, before modelling it.
This allows me to combine modelling with glass painting so represents the start of yet another adventure! In my shop, you can discover my universe and compose your own models with shapes and colours based on your own inspiration.


Sylvie Riou-Gousseault,
Painted glass and tableware

L’univers de Vyvy
39 rue Saint Jacques
24 540 Monpazier
+33 (0)6 70 62 76 25
Email :

Open from April to September, all the days from 10h to 19h
Out of season, please contact me for opening times.





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