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 Tania Caggini-Fournau, Visual Artist (Acia Studio)


Background and Activities
Tania Caggini has been painter and sculptor with abstract tendencies for more than 40 years. In addition to painting and sculpture, she also expands her creative scope with engraving and artists' books.
A former professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, for several years she has led Creative Reconnection® training courses, an original method for developing creativity, reconnecting and harmonizing the senses using the artistic approach as a vector. An artistic adviser for over 20 years, she made her commitment to artists for the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art into a reality by creating a professional organization, “Carrés d'Arts Croisés”, which is present at international contemporary art fairs in Europe and major international exhibitions.


Her techniques of expression related to the use of paper and natural materials, combined with glaze and wax stamping, have the effects of light and transparency, creating spaces for multiple levels of interpretation. Her work focuses on the structures and fragmentations of graphic languages and architecture: studies of urban atmosphere and architecture such as Roman times, urban mythology or New York Graphic, while continuing her research on the chromatic of ochre, creating effects with lighting and transparencies, playing with materials and spaces with multiple levels of interpretation. "Every paper (usually made sheet by sheet, by hand) that enters the studio is an adventure, a life to discover, a relationship to invent between it and the artist, a complicity to create. I think we should respect it for what it gives us, it tells us about its possibilities and how to deal with it (ochred, stamped, signed, etched ...). It is the same with natural pigments and binders. and other materials that are combined with it. "


Creative Reconnection® training courses Information: +33 (0)5 53 23 86 18
or  +33 (0)6 80 01 57 53


Tania Caggini-Fournau
Painter and sculptor
Acia Studio
Les Hautes Claires, Dautres
24 150 Mauzac et Grand-Castang
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 23 86 18 / +33 (0)6 80 01 57 53
Email :
Website :

The workshop is open to the public by appointment and during exhibits:
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