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Applied Arts in the Bergerac Area

Latest partner :
Philippe Bouvet, Artist Painter

-Sylvie Riou-Gousseault, painted glass and tableware

-Maryse Labattu, Sculptor

-Emma Fournier, Couturier-designer

Artists and Fine Craftspersons in the Bergerac Area

Discover the richness and diversity of Applied Arts in the Bergerac Area: Who are these professionals, what are their products and where to find them!
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Arts & Crafts Fair

Rendez-vous on May  5th, 6th, 7th and 8th 2016 to Monbazillac Castle to meet some forty artists and fine craftspersons, attend many demons-trations of their skills and discover their creations.
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Travelling exhibition: “Craftspersons’ Bestiary”

50 artists and craftspersons of the Bergerac Region Craftspersons network have created an amazing bestiary for you, in the image of their know-how and creativity!
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The Travelling Fine Crafts Alphabet Exposition

Over 45 artists and fine craftspersons have each created an original work representing a letter of the alphabet. Fun and educational exposition not to be missed, for all age groups.
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Training Courses / Internships

Do you want to learn about fine crafts and develop your creative potential?
Discover the introductory or professional development courses offered in the Bergerac Area.
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Our activities for the development of Applied Arts

These activities are intended to introduce the artists and fine craftspersons of the Bergerac Area, to showcase their skills and creativity and to create events for applied arts.
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Isabelle Gueunet-Salvucci
Arts and Crafts Leader
32 avenue de la Roque
24100 Creysse