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 Our activities for the development of Applied Arts

The fine crafts network in the Bergerac Area
exists to allow professionals to meet, share experiences and create together.
It was created by the will of local communities to promote these businesses, with potential for jobs, their outstanding expertise and the image that the Bergerac Area gains through them.

With the network’s organizer, this project can take the following actions:

Helping crafts professionals who want to settle in the Bergerac Area, in collaboration with the Chamber of Trade:
- Connecting with communities that have meeting places
- Business information or information about installing employees or family in the area: see also the topic “Settling In
- Integration into the network

Taking over private or public initiatives that may be of interest to professionals: shows, exhibits, competitions, shops ...

Focus groups: development of tourism products, welcoming the public in workshops, designing activities for certain groups (children, elderly, persons with disabilities ...).

Communication tools tailored for crafts professionals:
- educational materials that introduce the craftsperson, his background and relationship to the material
- group website
- travelling educational exhibit: the Alphabet
- travelling exhibition: “Craftspersons’ Bestiary
- group exhibit with professionals throughout the Dordogne, “Four Colours”
- promotional event: Arts & Crafts Fair

Are you a fine crafts professional?

Do you want information about the network or the possibilities to settle in the Bergerac Area?
Do not hesitate to contact the :
Pays du Grand Bergeracois, Domaine de la Tour
"La Tour Est" - CS 400 12
24112 Bergerac Cedex
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 27 30 18 - contact@pays-de-bergerac.com




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