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We are the Bergeracois !
Acting together for an innovative local economy.

The Greater Bergerac Region has applied for entry into the LEADER programme for the period 2014-2020.

LEADER is a Europe-wide programme, managed by local residents from across the region.

Thanks to a detailed diagnosis of the territory and consultation with numerous local players throughout the process of putting together the application, we have defined the needs of our region.

The 10 requirements for our region:

1. Establish and promote an overall identity for the region based on its resources.
2. Create a collective through communication about initiatives, projects and knowledge.
3. Improve alliances and co-operation between those involved.
4. Promote the initiative by supporting the creators and developers of projects.
5. Guarantee the accessibility of services to all.
6. Exploit our regional resources in order to promote economic development.
7. Promote life-long training opportunities.
8. Support new economic sectors.
9. Turn the transition towards renewable energy into an economic opportunity.
10. Continue opening up the region.

From these requirements and the added-value which the LEADER programme could bring, we have been able to establish our LEADER strategy:

" We are the Bergeracois !
Acting together for an innovative local economy. "

This approach is built around five strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1 : Underpin economic development with an identity based on common values.
Strategic Objective 2 : Co-ordinate economic development.
Strategic Objective 3 : Co-operate to share and boost our strategy : We are Europeans !
Strategic Objective 4 : Support entrepreneurship and the spirit of initiative.
Strategic Objective 5 : Anticipate and adapt to economic change.

All actors from the Bergerac region involved in this project wish to put the economy and employment at the heart of our strategy. To achieve this we will capitalise on our experience in the field of digital information and renew our strategy in favour of the use of the digital infrastructure.

These figures support our application

The selection of regions put forward for the LEADER programme should be announced at the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Do you have any questions or a project to propose? Contact us on 05 53 27 30 18 - Email
Facilitators : Mr François QUEVAL, Mrs Nathalie GIROL
Manager : Mrs Karine Mailletas
President : Mr Jerome BETAILLE

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