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The Couderc family  Version Française

The Couderc Family have been small farmers for generations.
Christine and Michel Couderc’s farm is situated at Conne de Labarde where it basks in the
sunshine of the Périgord. They established their farm in 1980 and, despite a precarious economic situation, decided to farm only organically right from the very beginning and have had the organic certification « ECOCERT » since then.
« The equilibrium of the farm, the health of the consumer, respect of the environment and a desire to bequeath healthy, clean land to our children are the reasons we farm organically ».
« We are conscious of only being a link in the chain of generations who succeed one another on the planet. But we would like to be a beneficial link while still profiting from the technical progress that has made working a farm so much easier than before. »


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).