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Settle in the Bergerac Area


Settle in the Bergerac area !

The Greater Bergerac Area is your next place to live and work.
We are happy to welcome and assist you in realizing your project.

In these pages you will find the advantages of our region, opportunities to create or take over businesses, employment growth sectors and representatives who will guide you and make your way easier.

A video to motivate you...

The Greater Bergerac Area is located in Dordogne-Perigord, in the heart of the Aquitaine region. It offers a protected rural living environment, close to economic centres. Bergerac is located at:
1h15 from Bordeaux (by train and motorway),
4 hours from Paris (train, or 1h30 by airplane),
1h30 from London, Amsterdam, Brussels-Charleroi and many other destinations by airplane

Bergerac offers many advantages for your activity:
• Available land at an affordable cost
• High-speed Internet (map)
• High quality workforce
• Digital facilities
• Dynamic commerce and trades
• A living environment that carries your image
• A high quality of life for you and your family
• Representatives who listen to you

Living in the Bergerac area: Practical information about services and daily life.
Housing: useful addresses to find housing (24 notaries).
Education-service: schools, middle schools, secondary schools, training centres, child-care, recreational centres.
Leisure-time activities: sports clubs, cultural associations, and all the information about the Greater Bergerac Area.
Employment: job offers in the area and the most promising trades
The complete directory of nearby services (in french) of your future home.

Perigord bends over backwards to welcome you

- The Green Perigord, the Black Perigord, the Isle Country in Perigord and the Greater Bergerac Area
A brochure to accompany you: download "The 4 Perigords Welcome You." (in french)

You can also contact Perigord Development. (Dordogne Delegation for the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Everything to help you settle successfully in Dordogne - Perigord

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Pays du Grand Bergeracois
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24100 Creysse
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