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The national census numbered the population of Cadouin and its three outlying hamlets, Salles, Les Gavats and La Salvetat, at 324 (official population on January 1, 2017). The Cistercian order of monks settled in this land of hills and forests drawn to the spot by the promised wealth of the Bessède forest and the water of Bélingou river. An area which has welcomed pilgrims for centuries knows how to make tourists feel welcome.


Follow the ‘Bis Itinerary’ back roads Le Buisson - Spain for 6 km to reach the Bélingou Valley which the monks irrigated to provide water for their gardens.

Twin Towns
Cadouin is twinned with the communes of St Marcelline in Quebec and Obenheim in Alsace.

Practical Information

Fax and photocopier
available for the inhabitants of Cadouin (see Town Hall for conditions).

Halls and Meeting Places
• Village Hall (‘Foyer Rural’) : Capacity : 80 persons / kitchen area / available for hire (see Town Hall for details).
• Abbey Storeroom : See Youth Hostel for details.

Sports Grounds
Tennis Court
Dance Hall (contact : Mme Moulin)
Archery : The Archers of Périgord Association

Local Services
• Post Office : Opening Times : Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h
• Tourist Information Point (
• Primary School in a grouped schools structure (RPI) with Molières. Cadouin has the ‘maternelle’, ‘Cours Elémentaire1’ and ‘Cours Elémentaire 2’ classes.

Refuse Disposal : Containers for yellow and black bin liners are situated at Les Gavats, at La Salvetat, the lake, Salles, the Salles water purification station and at Brunet Haut. In the village itself there is a door to door collection service : Every Tuesday for household waste and every other Tuesday for (dry) recyclable matter. For further information contact the Bastides Forêt Bessède SYGED

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).