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Thanks to the northern plains in the crook formed by the Trémolat ‘cingle’, or large meander, in the river and the hillsides overlooking the Dordogne, Calès is a commune of different landscapes and scattered hamlets. In fact, the 403* ‘Calésiens’ are spread between Traly, Auriac, La Rive Basse, La Rive Haut, Les Monzias and the village of Calès itself.
To reach Calès :
On the D29 towards Bergerac, 9km from Le Buisson de Cadouin, turn abruptly right towards the village.
On the D29 towards Le Buisson de Cadouin, 2km after Badefols, turn second left after the hydro-electric power station when you see a twelfth-century church overlooking the river.


Practical Information

Primary School : The children of Calès, Badefols sur Dordogne and Trémolat share the same school. Each commune has one class - for one age group. Calès has the second year of ‘maternelle’ and the ‘Cours Préparatoire’. There exists a school bus service (see Town Hall for details).
Library : Every Friday from 16h to 18h at the school.

Sports Ground : Calès has a football ground; Calès Youth Sports are well represented at regional and departmental level.
Calès-Trémolat Nautical Base for water sports/activities.

Village Hall :
Capacity 100 persons. The hall is available for local inhabitants.

Fax and photocopier : the Town Hall fax and photocopier are available for use by local inhabitants (see Town Hall for conditions).

Refuse Disposal : Containers for yellow and black bin liners are situated at the railway bridge, the electricity adapter, at Rive Basse, Trémolat bridge, Rive Haute, Le Cayre, the wash-house and the cemetery. For further information contact the Bastides Forêt Bessède SYGED

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).