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Capdrot Town HallVersion Française

(photo : SRA)


The village of Capdrot is located in the south of the Dordogne. at the boundary of the Lot et Garonne. It is established at the sources of the Dropt, whence its name Capdrot, in Latin Caput droti, head of the Drot.
The village is built on a plateau with a slight east-west incline. The church is located in the centre of the village. It is accessible by a square on the south side.
The church is dedicated to Notre-Dame of the Assumption, August 15.

Capdrot belongs to the canton of Monpazier. It is accessible via the D660 and the D53. It surface area is 4372 hectares and it has 495 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017).

Outstanding Historical Occurrences:

- Village hamlets were set up following land clearing to exploit iron
- 1000 hectares of vineyard were planted before the phylloxera devastation
- During the Second World War, the village sheltered Alsatians from the community of Rhinau (Bas-Rhin)
- On November 20, 1943, around twenty German soldiers made a roundup of resistants and set fire to Péchegut Chateau.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).