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Conne de Labarde Town HallVersion Française

The commune’s name comes a) from the river which flows over a large part of its land and b) from Château de Labarde at St Cernin on which the commune used to depend.

Situated 11km from Bergerac and 9km from Issigeac, most of its land is chalky-clay.



To the north of the commune there used to be a number of stone quarries which are now exhausted. The commune is situated on two plateaux which are separated by the Conne valley. The highest points are at Pépinel, Testeroute and La Grangette.
The climate is generally very temperate except along the narrow Conne valley where nights are always very cold.

  The commune has a surface area of 1004 hectares and counts a population of 252 (official population on January 1, 2017).

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).